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The Piano Book by Larry Fine

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A. Grand
(Frnace only)
Beijing Xinghai Musical Instruments Beijing Xinghai Musical Instruments China
Acrosonic Baldwin Baldwin US
Aeolian Aeolian company no longer in business n/a n/a
Albrecht, Charles Belarus Piano Co. Guangzhou Pearl River Piano Co. Russia, China
Altenburg, Otto Samick Musical Instrument Indonesia, Korea
Astin-Weight Astin-Weight Astin-Weight US
Astor Young Chang Young Chang South Korea, Japan
August Foerster August Foerster August Foerster Germany
Baldorr & son Baldorr & son Factory in Moscow Russia n/a
Baldwin Baldwin Baldwin US
Baldwin, D. H. Baldwin, Samick Baldwin, Samick US, Indonesia, Korea
Barratt & Robinson
(UK only)
Barratt & Robinson Musical Products Malaysia n/a
Bechner Bechner Bechner Ukraine n/a
Bechstein, C. C. Bechstein C. Bechstein Germany
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Becker Kimball no longer available US n/a
Becker, J. J. Becker J. Becker Russia n/a
Belarus Belarus Piano Co. Profabis Trading
Guangzhou Pearl River Piano Co.
Belarus, The Netherlands, China
(UK only)
Bentley British Piano Manufacturing Co. UK
Bergman Young Chang Young Chang Korea
Betting, Th. Legnicka Fabryka no longer available Poland n/a
Blondel, G Bohemia Piano Bohemia Piano Czech Republic
Bluthner Julius Bluthner Julius Bluthner Germany
Bohemia Weber Young Chang and Dongbei Piano Korea, China
Bohemia Piano Bohemia Piano Bohemia Piano Czech Republic
Bonaseal Yantai Longfeng Pianoforte Company Yantai Longfeng Pianoforte Company China
Borgato Borgato Borgato Italy
Bosendorfer Kimball Bosendorfer Austria
Boston designed and owned by Steinway & Sons Kawai
Young Chang
Japan, Korea
Brentwood Guangzhou Pearl River Piano Co. Guangzhou Pearl River Piano Co. China
Brinsmead, John Kemble & Co Kemble UK
Broadwood John Broadwood & Sons British Piano Manufacturing Co. Korea, UK
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